Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Media Day at Chilbolton

Today was media day at our Chilbolton LOFAR day, and I'm still catching up! The press team did a wonderful job generating interest and we had visits today from local TV (ITV Meridian, BBC South), local radio (BBC Radio Solent and Radio Andover) as well as Sky at Night Magazine. As Rob mentioned in his post from today, BBC Horizon have also been filming this week, and Chris Lintott from Sky at Night is expected tomorrow to help with the final antennas.

Today I got to go along too and help build some antennas and be generally around for the press (was even interviewed on BBC Radio Solent). I wish I could spend more time up there, but at least since I can't do that I have more time to post things here!

Some pictures of media stuff happening:

BBC Radio Solent Van parked near the LBA installation.

Bob Nichol and me about to be interviewed live by the BBC Radio Solent reporter.

Portsmouth PhD student Hana Schumacher being interviewed for ITV Meridian.

Finally here's a collection of links to various coverage (in no particular order, and of varying levels of correctness!):

ITV Meridian (TV) link

ITN News (article): link

Sky and Telescope (video): link

Daily Mail (article): link

BBC Online News (article): link

Will Gater (blog): link

The Sun (article): link

The Telegraph (article): link

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