Monday, September 6, 2010

Electronics installation completed

By the evening of Thursday 15th July 2010, pretty much all of the electronics and cabling in the RF-container had been completed. Within the space of a few days, it had gone from an empty shell, through a period of seemingly chaotic installation to a completed and ordered system. It was a rapid and stunning transfer and our thanks goes to the ASTRON and Excel Assemblies team for their work.

Caption 1 : Midway through the work. Here the signal cables from both the LBA and HBA patch panels have been fitted, while the data network infrastructure is just being started.

Caption 2 : The view at the end of the week, with all cables complete and the floor panels back down. A very professional finish!

Caption 3 : And finally, this tiny little label appeared on the inside of the RF-cabin on the final day. Another milestone for UK608.

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