Thursday, September 2, 2010

Digital signal processing

While the HBA tiles are being completed, work continues on the installation of the digital signal processing electronics.

Caption 1 : After the signal has been digitised, there are a number of tasks that are done on the data. Firstly, there is the initial delay compensation which is applied for the lengths of the cables. Because the cables across the fields are different lengths, due to the physical distances, this needs to be corrected. Then the received signal is divided into sub-bands, a bit like radio channels. A small sub-set of these are selected and are then combined to final beam, thus selecting the part of the sky to be observed.

Caption 2 : Additionally, statistics are calculated and engineering parameters are monitored. These are used to not only analyse the data for interesting features or to apply calibration corrections, but also to ensure that the equipment is performing correctly and to detect potential errors or interference.

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