Friday, September 3, 2010

Clean-up operations

With the HBA installation complete, the final work on the field is the clean-up. To be fair, this has mostly been going on continuously during the entire build process. After each tile is unwrapped, the packing material is collected and either reused, recycled or disposed of.

Caption 1 : Pallets are either nailed together or dismantled for use in supporting other pallets. Here Jon Eastment (left) and Matthew Hambley sort out and dismantle some of the pallets.

Caption 2 : The bulk of the pallets are nailed together and then are shipped back on some of the returning lorries. They are then used on the HBA tile deliveries for the next station.

Caption 3 : The remaining material is gathered and sorted. Some of it is disposed of, but the bulk of it is actually reused or recycled. In fact, given the sheer scale of the operation, remarkably little waste is generated.

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