Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Heroes of the trenches

Last week I visited the Chilbolton site to see the outstanding progress for myself. The site really is transformed, and it is now quite possible to believe that only two months from now we will have a fully constructed LOFAR station.

Many people are contributing enormously to this effort, and yet to many of you their names remain unknown. These heroes of the trenches (and the telecons, progress reports project plans, press releases..) are the people who are allowing us to build this station on a very tight budget in very lean times. One such hero, pictured here stepping through the trenches with his eyes closed, is Derek McKay. Derek is a senior STFC scientist, with a strong background in radio astronomy, who is being seconded by SEPNET to - amongst other things - commission the station. His efforts to date have been outstanding - many thanks Derek!

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