Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A Fresh Grave

Just as the HBA cable work is coming to an end, the folks at Chilbolton are ramping up their efforts on the LBA. In preparation for the installation of the LBA cables, another large cable grave is prepared. The purpose of this is to take up the excess length in the cables before they are passed into the RF container. Like with the HBA cables, this excess length is a result of the fact that the cables are set lengths (for ease of manufacture and quality control), but the LBA antenna positions are at various different distances.

Here the diggers are working on putting sand at the bottom of the cable grave. The sand protects the cables against sharp flint pieces.

Here is the finished cable grave, ready for the LBA cables. Based on experiences with the HBA cable grave, we've opted for one slightly larger, to allow easier access. (Mike Willis has been included in the photograph to give you an idea of the scale.)

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