Thursday, February 28, 2013

Upcoming LOFAR Solar KSP Meeting

FYI: Announcement of 7th LOFAR Solar KSP Workshop in Trinity College Dublin

To all members of the LOFAR Key Science Project "Solar Physics and Space Weather with LOFAR"

The 2013 annual workshop of the LOFAR solar KSP will be held in Dublin April 24-26. 
Peter Gallagher from the Trinity College Dublin will be the host this year.

The workshop will start at 2 pm on Wednesday (April 24) and should be finished at noon on Friday (April 26). During the workshop, attendees will hear a report on the present state of the LOFAR Solar KSP and will have a chance to present first results of LOFAR observations of the Sun. Furthermore, there will be time for
discussions on solar LOFAR observations in future, solar radio science, and the framework of the LOFAR collaboration.

For more information or to submit an abstract KSP members should contact Frank Breitling (e-mail:fbreitling 'at' Abstract deadline March 19, 2013.

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