Friday, December 17, 2010

Swedish LOFAR Station Construction

As Rob pointed out a couple of weeks ago, construction of the Swedish LOFAR station is just starting. Making the rounds on the internet this morning is the below beautiful image of the Swedish LOFAR station.
An aerial photograph shows the Onsala LOFAR station site. Credit: Onsala Space Observatory/VÀstkustflyg

This is how the image is described in the article posted at The Universe Today

"This aerial photograph shows the Onsala LOFAR station site at the lower right. Behind, the white radome of the observatory’s 20-metre telescope and the dish of the 25-meter telescope by the Kattegat shore.
The two circular areas where the LOFAR station’s high-band (snow-covered) and low-band antennas will be placed are already flattened. The cold weather has delayed the next stage in the work, deploying the fibre cables, but the Onsala station should still be fully operational by mid-2011.

Onsala is LOFAR’s northernmost station and will help give the array a close to circular beam. It will also contribute some of the array’s longest baselines."

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