Wednesday, March 20, 2013

NAM2013 Abstract Deadline Extended

The NAM2013 Abstract deadline has been extended to April 1st. Scientists working on LOFAR, who have not already done so, can still submit their abstract via the NAM2013 website to Session 16 on "First Science from LOFAR" (which is scheduled for 2.5 hours on the afternoon of Monday 1st July):

16. First science from LOFAR (NAM+UKSP+MIST)
Philip Best - Royal Observatoty Edinburgh
LOFAR-UK Management Committee
The International LOFAR Telescope is a next-generation software-driven low-frequency radio interferometer, which is opening up one of the few relatively unexplored windows in the electromagnetic spectrum, between 30 and 240 MHz. After an extended commissioning period, December 2012 saw the start of Cycle-0 science observations. These observations cover a very broad range of astrophysics, from cosmology to solar system studies, including the Epoch of Re-ionisation, pulsars, transient/variable sources, wide and deep surveys, cosmic rays, the origin of magnetic fields, and studies of the Sun and space weather. This parallel session will showcase the early science results from LOFAR Cycle-0 observing, as well as highlighting the current scientific and technical capabilities of the array, and forthcoming opportunities.

Hope to see you in St. Andrews!

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