Wednesday, January 11, 2012

LOFAR in Science, Nature and Scientific American

This image was picked up as a "Science Shot" from Science. It's an X-ray/Radio image of Cygnus A. The blue shows X-ray emission from Chandra indicating hot gas around the galaxy. The orange is a new radio image from LOFAR which shows how the jets are interacting with this gas. Credit: (c) J. McKean and M. Wise, ASTRON

Following the press release from AAS219, LOFAR has been covered in stories in Nature (Radio Array Starts Work, 10 Jan 2012), Science (Science Shot: New Telescope Captures Supermassive Black Hole, 10 Jan 2012), and Scientific American (a reproduction of the Nature article retitled as Radio Array Starts to Detect Whispers from Universe, 10 Jan 2012)

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  1. Not to mention my live-blog from the meeting which also shows LOFAR images not seen anywhere else. Hey, I've been a fan of this project for exactly 10 years now ... :-)