Monday, August 22, 2011

LOFAR at the BAA Radio Astronomy Group 2011 General Meeting

At the 2011 General Meeting of the British Astronomical Association's Radio Astronomy Group (to be held 12th November 2011 at the Humfrey Rooms, Castilian Terrace, Northampton), the two keynote speakers have a LOFAR-UK link. They are Professor Paul Alexander, who is Head of the Astrophysics Group at Cambridge is the project leader for the UK contribution to the Square Kilometre Array (and a member of LOFAR-UK), and Dr Ben Stappers from Jodrell Bank who is Head of the Pulsar Science Working Group for the LOFAR radio telescope (and Technical Co-ordinator for LOFAR-UK). 

For more details see the BAA Radio Group website

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