Friday, November 26, 2010

Building LOFAR-Sweden

While in the UK we've completed our LOFAR station and can retreat inside our homes when the icy weather comes, in Sweden, they have just started the construction of their station, at Onsala. The image below is a great snapshot taken today of the preparatory work underway amidst the snow and ice (credit John Conway).

Sweden will be the final one of the 'founding' members (NL, DE, France, UK, Sweden) of the International LOFAR Telescope to construct their station, and we expect full operation of the entire ~40-station array in 2011.

In the meantime, our station at Chilbolton has been taking some observations of the Sun, and should be connected to the Dutch supercomputer/correlator in the very near future, allowing the first high-resolution images utilising the British baseline. More posts coming soon !

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