Wednesday, October 20, 2010

World Space Week at Intech

LOFAR-UK was represented at this year's World Space Week events at the Intech Science Centre and Planetarium near Winchester, Hampshire. Members of SEPnet universities put together some demonstrations of the technology behind LOFAR including radio wave detection, and fibre optic transmission of information.

A LOFAR-UK poster behind a demonstration of fibre optics.

There was an LBA on site. It was put together by an expert member of the student army and good enough to give an idea of the simple materials used, but definitely not going to quite pass inspection to join the array! Unfortunately we don't have any space ground planes at present, so this just shows the central pole, LNA and antenna wires, but we are planning to make a mock up ground plane to improve the demonstration for next time.

SEPnet members demonstrating the transmission of information by fibre optics to a group of school children.

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