Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Chilbolton Status Update for January

Ground Works

A contractor to start the ground works has not yet been found, party due to the first quote coming in to high, but also there has been some delay due to the uncertainty over STFC funding (which was cleared up this week). The project manager Mike Willis and other staff will meet new bidders at Chilbolton in early Feb. Work is now expected to commence in early March. It will be tight but we are still hoping to complete the ground work before the 1st of June. This work must be completed before any of the antennas can be installed.

LBA Installation

We are happy to announce that Gordon Brown (of STFC) will be taking on the job of co-ordinating the teams of volunteers at the time that the LBAs (low band antennas) are being deployed (and possibly also the high band antennas, HBAs). Mike Willis, the project manager for LOFAR at Chilbolton says "I would like to thank Gordon for taking on this task, I am sure it will go smoothly under his guidance."

(For LOFAR-UK astronomers, this is an edited summary of the reports from Mike Willis on 5th and 26th Jan which can be found in full on the main LOFAR-UK Wiki in the Restricted Section)

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